Principal’s Message 2019

“ Now is the best time to start becoming the person we want to be” D. Uchdorf

Many parents, carers, family and friends of our current Years 11 and 13 students look upon this year with excitement and apprehension. As the exams will soon be upon us, our students have the opportunity to participate in ‘revision and support’ preparation sessions.  This is a landmark year for many of them. As they prepare to leave school for apprenticeships, degrees or employment, there is a sense that the countdown has begun. We will be supporting them by offering independent career advice, workshops and final opportunities for work experience placements, in which I would encourage students to participate; particularly those looking to secure apprenticeships with our partner employers.

Although much of the attention seems to be on our school leavers, we continue to support our other students to be the best they can be. One of the ways we will be celebrating and showcasing their learning is through our CPD logbooks (previously just for Years 10 and 11 students). We decided to offer our Year 9 students the opportunity to begin compiling their best work for inclusion in their portfolios. We hope they rise to the challenge, as they will be evidencing some of the great work they do both at school and in the local community.

As we embrace the New Year with all the changes, challenges and opportunities it brings, I will not comment on how successful I have been regarding my New Year’s resolution. I will however commit to saying that I wake up every morning wanting to be better at keeping it than I was the day before. I shared this message with students in our assembly last week when I read the poem, ‘The Race’  Although we experience failures in life, the key thing to remember is that FAIL is just a First Attempt In  Learning. And although some of the staff freely shared examples of where they seemingly failed in life, we wanted the message to be clear: we got back up, brushed ourselves down, and kept going in order to make ourselves better people. Sometimes we need to overcome failures, and sometimes we
just need the vision and desire to be better than we were yesterday. Either way, there is no better time than the present to start becoming the person you want to be!

Sam Morcumb – Acting Principal