Mission, Vision and Ethos Statement



At Atrium Studio, our mission is to prepare our students for successful, fulfilling careers in the Built Environment and Creative industries (Architecture, Surveying & Planning, Engineering, Town Planning, Ecology, Design, Photography and Media). We want them to flourish in a constantly-changing world; equipped with all the necessary academic, practical and social skills.

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Our vision is for a forward thinking, inspiring and enriching school, where students are respected as individuals (no "conveyor belt" approach at Atrium!) and have personally-tailored learning plans delivered by enthusiastic and knowledgeable teaching staff.  We work hard to create a climate where success is celebrated, students feel valued, and love their learning.

However, learning can sometimes be serious business - so we like to balance things out by ensuring that Atrium Studio is a fun, as well as educational, environment.


We want our students to grow into confident and skilled professionals, inspired by our mantra, "it's cool to succeed."

Alongside this, we recognise that while they're with us, we have a responsibility to develop their approach to fundamental British Values - including tolerance, free speech, personal liberty and the rule of law.  At the heart of all we do is our desire for students to be able to live and work harmoniously in a range of environments and communities.

Atrium Studio School - Putting our Mission, Vision and Ethos into Practice

Discussing Leadership priorities
Discussing Leadership priorities
  • Small class sizes create a supportive learning environment, in which students thrive.
  • Project-based Learning (researching, designing and planning a product, publication or presentation) increases confidence, as well as collaborative and practical skills.
  • Work placements give students not only valuable hands-on experience, but also chances to explore a variety of potential careers within the Built Environment and Creative Industries.
  • Our industry partnership underpin many student opportunities at Atrium, including educational visits, mentorship, practical workshops and professional advice.
  • Student safety is our priority at all times, reflected by dedicated pastoral care, safeguarding considerations and rigorous Heath and Safety procedures.