Principal’s Statement

matt open eveI am proud to be the Principal at Atrium Studio, a modern learning environment and the only Studio School in the South West with a Built Environment focus. We have created a unique and exciting school that develops high-level skills critical for nurturing new knowledge, technologies and innovation. These are the foundation stones to providing a specialist education in an industry experiencing growth in our region.

Our core aims includes staff and students working together to enhance opportunities for all and encouraging academic excellence in our school community.  Establishing a culture of success by developing professional partnerships with industry colleagues ensure that our young people are fully prepared for life beyond school.

As a father, I know how important it is for parents to make informed educational choices.  Atrium Studio presents a creative and dynamic approach to learning where it is considered ‘cool to succeed’.  I can assure you that our team strive towards challenging your child to achieve their very best.

Matt Messias – Principal, Atrium Studio

You can learn more about me and the work I did prior to my appointment as Principal of Atrium Studio Matt MessiMatt-Messiasas work background