Principals Message – 17th November 2017

Without any doubt, the best part of my job is working with students and staff to get the best possible outcomes for our students. I love celebrating their successes!
Our fortnightly ‘Praise assemblies’ allow us to showcase the wonderful skills that our students are cultivating. On page 7, you will read about our talented young writers who will soon be having their short stories published.
You can also learn about our newly-formed ‘Debating Club’, which aims to develop students’ critical thinking and communication skills. Do please encourage your child to attend.
Staff continue to provide all our students with a ‘vision of success’ by encouraging them to imagine a successful life and helping them to realise that they CAN succeed. With this in mind, Year 11 students will start their mock exams on Monday. Exam timetables have been distributed well in advance and revision/time management sessions have been taking place over the past fortnight. As always, we greatly appreciate your support by reinforcing the importance of organising valuable study time to best effect.
Many of our Year 11s already want to join our successful Atrium and SDCC Sixth Forms (2016 results demonstrate that we are one of the best Sixth Forms for student progress in the area, as well as placing us in the top 5% nationally). The Year 11 Sixth Form Taster Day will be held on Friday 24th November, and you will find further details on page 6.
As you will already know, a much-repeated mantra at our school is ‘It’s cool to succeed’. We also need your help to ensure that our learners are ‘Ready to succeed’. We insist that all students come to every lesson prepared with the correct equipment: two working black or blue pens, pencil, ruler, calculator, their Planner and reading book.
They should also take personal responsibility for making the best use of our wonderful learning environment. We are all singing from the same hymn sheet here: we invest in your children in the way that farmers plant seeds - with expectancy!
Please help us by encouraging them to take responsibility for their learning. In this way, they can achieve their potential to become successful young men and women.
“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”
(Nelson Mandela)
Have a great weekend.
Matt Messias, Principal
Atrium Studio