Matt Messias

About Matt Messias

In addition to working as a teacher and  deputy principal for more than 15 years – in the UK and New Zealand – I’ve also spent a number of years as a consultant in the school system, advising secondary-age students on making the transition to University and the world of work.  I am also the father of two young boys, and my wife and I enjoy immersing ourselves in our community here. We love the outdoor lifestyle (it reminds us of New Zealand!) and the beautiful little villages and beaches in the area.

A Brief History of my Work

Professional Football Referee (2001-2006)
A Premier League and International referee, I was constantly under the microscope of the international media, and was therefore required to make crucial, immediate decisions under immense pressure. I was not only an athlete, I was a manager, managing a multi-million pound business every game. Managing conflict and stress, communicating decisions effectively to an audience of millions and making spontaneous split-second judgement calls whilst exuding an aura of calm were all part of the job.

Education Consultant (2006-2008)
Education Consultant section Matt AboutUtilising my extensive experience gained as an International referee, successful teacher and sports coach, I established my own Education Consultancy business in February 2006.  I worked in a number of schools, colleges and universities, motivating and inspiring students to achieve their dreams.  I also focused on advising students on easing the transition to University and the world of work.  It’s an important aspect of school life, and one which often gets overlooked in traditional school models.  Atrium Studio will address the issue head on, and equip students with the knowledge and skills that employers require in the 21st Century.

New Zealand Experience (2008-2014)
In search of a new adventure, my family emigrated to New Zealand late 2008, and we enjoyed a wonderful time, immersing ourselves in the Kiwi culture and enjoying the magnificent outdoor lifestyle.  I  gained a Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management at Auckland University whilst  working  as a Deputy Principal in a large High School, and I was able to use my specialism, ‘creating cultures of learning’ to engage teachers and students in Education initiatives that focused on raising achievement and project based learning.

My Lessons Learnt
I am passionate about embedding future focused thinking to equip students with the necessary competencies, processes and understandings to succeed in our dynamic and constantly changing culture.  My life experiences and the variety of roles I have been involved in are proof that one has to adapt and apply the knowledge that we have in order to flourish in complex and demanding times.